ISLANDER Hawaiian coffee beans

There are around 4-500 types of coffee trees, with Arabica, Robusta and Coffee Liberia being the most popular ones. Among those three, Arabica is the one with the most commercial value, basically almost all the coffee brands out there are Arabica beans, including Geisha, Blue Mountain, and Mocha, etc. Most common coffee beans in Hawaii are Ctuai, Mokka, Typica, and Caturra. Hawaii Typica, the coffee ISLANDER is importing is usually described at the Hawaiian State cupping competition as chocolaty, spicy, a bit caramelly, and nutty. Catura is known for its fruity aroma, berry-like flavor, and velvety mouthfeel. Yello Caturra, specially imported by ISLANDER, is especially known for its cantaloupe-like sweetness and aroma. During this trip we also found out by surprise that the Maragogype on the Big Island, more commonly known as the Elephant Bean, totally changed our impressions of elephant beans grown in Central and South America or South Asia. Thanks to the fertile volcanic soil, the beans are not only huge, their chocolaty aroma and caramelly sweetness are also incredibly amazing.

What’s special about Hawaiian coffee beans

Beans grown on islands are rare, among them are Jamaican Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona Ka’u coffee. They both are grown at a high altitude and in volcanic soil, under such circumstances, the beans have strong tropical fruity aroma but are not hard enough. That’s why island coffee beans are seldom light roasted, light roasted beans are brought to very high temperatures and are roasted for a shorter amount of time, which makes the beans easy to break up. However, ISLANDER managed to succeed in light roasting Hawaiian coffee beans by buying beans from award winning farms and by working with top coffee roasters, tailoring the taste to the preference of Taiwan coffee drinkers. The uniqueness of the light roast Hawaiian coffee will for sure bring all specialty coffee lovers a pleasant surprise.

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