Hawaii is short for the State of Hawaii, one of the 50 states of USA, and is comprised of 132 islands. The Big Island, other known as Hawaii Island, is the largest island.
Apart from the well-known beaches, coconut trees and romantic atmosphere, the rich diversity of geography and active volcano movements not only results in stunning natural beauty but also abundance of agricultural products and natural resources.


Hilo, where ISLANDER originated, is the capital of the Big Island. What’s most fascinating about the island is people’s kindness, friendliness and their attitudes toward life. There are different kinds of faces and accents from different ethnicities, but there is one thing in common-their smiles; and this is where our story begins!


It’s early in the morning and the Hilo Farmers Market is already hustling and bustling. Farmers from all over the Big Island sell the freshest produce, providing the locals with their daily needs and satisfying the tastes buds of tourists form all over the world.

Initial Dream

Keith is the founder of Hilo Farmers Market. When we first met, this shy gentleman didn’t seem that approachable, but his firm and warm handshake somehow touched us; and because of Keith, we, ISLANDERS, embarked on an incredible coffee journey. We climbed over mountains and several times visited farms located half way up the hills in wind and rain. When asked whether it’s worth it, Keith replied, ”It’s not for the money. When I see the farms expand from several acres to hundreds or even thousands of acres my heart just rejoices! It’s like watching a sapling grow into a big tree. The joy that brings is what’s keeping me going.”

Keith jokingly said that he wondered whether it’s because his farmer friends improved their growing technique, now every cup of coffee he has tastes better than before! It is this kind of faith in helping people that supports Keith to create a better environment for the farmers to have their own platforms and to connect to the world so that the world gets to experience and enjoy the beauty and all the good things of Hilo. ISLANDER, along with Keith, will bring you more stories about Hawaiian coffee, the distinctive taste of the Big Island. http://hilofarmersmarket.com/